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  • CME4Life

    1 • Premium Exhibitor • http://www.cme4life.com

    CME4Life is a leading provider of live PANCE review courses, videos, and study materials. John Bielinski is passionate about helping students pass the PANCE, and helping universities and PA schools improve their pass rate.

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center

    2 • https://www.unmc.edu/alliedhealth/education/online/padao/index.html

    This program provides an opportunity for practicing PAs with a bachelor's degree to obtain a professional postgraduate master's degree in as little as five semesters at a reasonable cost and without any required travel. Upon completion, PAs are awarded the Master of PA Studies degree.

  • Medcomic

    3 • http://Medcomic.com

    Medcomic is a series of educational medical cartoons designed to make learning complex medical topics easy and fun. The artwork is used by university professors all around the world to engage students in the classroom and provide an innovative alternative to conventional educational materials.

  • PA School Prep

    4 • http://www.paschoolprep.com

    PA School Prep offers pre-matriculation assessment and review of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology for incoming PA students.

  • Cardionics

    5 • http://www.cardionics.com

    Today and into the future, Cardionics' approach continues to set the pace for auscultation products and services through the development of unique, interactive, and experiential systems that integrate seamlessly into classroom, clinical, and tele-health applications.

  • ExamSoft

    6 • https://learn.examsoft.com/exam-programs/health-science-program

    As a leading computer-based testing and analytics platform, ExamSoft's embedded assessment solution provides educators with in-depth data that provides insight into student learning. Its software enables clients to efficiently administer assessments and analyze data to improve curricular and test design, help accreditation compliance, and encourage student self-directed learning.

  • Welch Allyn

    7 • http://www.welchallyn.com

    Welch Allyn, now part of Hill-Rom, empowers clinicians and health systems with smarter tools to assess, diagnose, and treat every patient with confidence. We are proud to offer innovative products to best prepare medical students to become future doctors or clinicians in advanced frontline care. Please visit our booth.

  • ECG Academy

    8 • http://ECGAcademy.com

    ECG Academy provides online training in basic and advanced ECG analysis. Our unique program provides high-definition, engaging video tutorials recorded by a cardiac electrophysiologist. It’s the perfect resource for PA students, as it starts with the basics but reaches a level of complexity that no other course can match.

  • McGraw-Hill Education

    9 • Plus Exhibitor • http://www.mhprofessional.com/medical

    McGraw-Hill Education publishes Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, and the Physician Assistant Examination Review books. Our online subscription products include AccessMedicine and PAEasy — the most effective exam preparation for the PANCE and PANRE.

  • CORE Higher Education Group

    10 • https://corehighered.com

    The CORE Technology Suite features three integrated applications. Our Experiential Learning Management System supports the needs of externship departments and students in the field. Our Competency Management System provides student competency tracking, curriculum mapping, and evaluations. Our Electronic Credential Portfolio showcases educational, professional, and experiential achievements in a customized format.

  • NEJM Knowledge+

    11 • Plus Exhibitor • https://knowledgeplus.nejm.org/

    NEJM Knowledge+ is our product line of self-assessment and continuous learning solutions created to assist physicians, residents, and other health care professionals as they prepare for their board certification or recertification. NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review serves family medicine physicians and PAs.

  • Certiphi Screening, Inc.

    12 • https://www.certiphi.com

    Certiphi Screening pioneered the development and administration of centralized student screening programs as well as thorough, compliant screening programs serving individual schools/programs of study and many top health care organizations. Certiphi Screening is the only company whose applicant screening services are endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

  • Anatomage

    13 • http://www.anatomage.com

    Anatomage products — imaging equipment, radiology software, medical cadaver tables, and surgical devices — are used in tens of thousands of institutions worldwide. Anatomage continues to establish exclusive partnerships with renowned educational institutions and medical equipment companies. Our cutting-edge products have been featured numerous times in journals, publications, and the media.

  • Education Management Solutions (EMS)

    14 • http://www.SIMULATIONiQ.com

    Education Management Solutions (EMS) is an industry pioneer in clinical skills and simulation-based solutions for health care education. Discover how you can meet your interprofessional training goals with our SIMULATIONiQ, the leading technology for standardized patient- and mannequin-based environments, and the Panasonic 3-D Multiview Anatomy System.

  • Barton Associates

    15 • https://www.bartonassociates.com/

    At Barton Associates, we place locum tenens physicians, PAs, NPs, dentists, and CRNAs in all 50 states. Whether you are a provider or just getting into the locum tenens market, Barton Associates has the experience and the resources to find the perfect opportunity for you and get you to that assignment.

  • Wolters Kluwer

    16 • http://www.lww.com

    Wolters Kluwer is a provider of information and point-of-care solutions for the health care industry. Our products help professionals build clinical competency and improve practice so they can make important decisions about health care.

  • Limbs & Things, Inc.

    17 • http://www.limbsandthings.com

    Limbs & Things focuses on the development of medical training products for health care professionals. We are committed to working in close collaboration with clinicians globally to produce realistic task trainers that enable more competent and confident professionals, with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes and reducing medical error.

  • PA Excel

    18 • http://www.paexcel.com

    PA Excel provides support services for PA educators including PANCE prep, prepared classes, accreditation and second-year assistance, tutoring, consulting in all specialties, and international PA assistance. PA Excel is proud to partner with Prosaris, your complete second-year solution. Prosaris coordinates preceptors, student evaluations, and much more!

  • MedHub

    19 • http://www.medhub.com

    MedHub is the leading provider of health care education management solutions for graduate and undergraduate medical education, and advanced practice health care institutions. MedHub offers two health care education solutions, MedHub and E*Value, used by over 600 organizations to address the complex tasks and interactions between trainees, educators, programs, and institutions.

  • University of Lynchburg

    20 • Plus Exhibitor • https://www.lynchburg.edu/graduate/physician-assistant-medicine/doctor-of-medical-science/

    The University of Lynchburg's Doctor of Medical Science program builds on what you’ve already learned, what you’ve already experienced, and what you’re already doing and results in a well-deserved doctoral degree.

  • BodyViz

    21 • https://www.bodyviz.com/

    BodyViz is a 3-D virtual anatomy dissection and interactive content platform using real medical imaging data, which allows for exploration of complex spatial relationships. Our solutions flex to any pedagogical approach and scale to any teaching environment, while providing access to students anytime and anywhere.

  • Isabel Healthcare

    22 • https://isabelhealthcare.com

    Isabel Healthcare empowers diagnosis decisions and critical thinking skills of clinical students. The Isabel Differential Diagnosis Generator/Clinical Educator is a case-based learning platform proven to improve students' diagnosis decision-making and clinical reasoning skills. Isabel is an easy-to-use web-based, independently validated, affordable tool for students and faculty.

  • F.A. Davis Company

    23 • http://www.fadavis.com

    F.A. Davis Company publishes a collection of exceptional products for health professionals. Stop by our booth and receive 20% off.

  • CME Resources, Inc.

    24 • https://www.cmeresources.com/

    CME Resources is the recognized leader in continuing medical education. Known as the Original Chicago Course(TM) for 22 years, our focus is quality preparation for students and professionals. Whether you are certifying, recertifying, or just need CME credits, please consider one of CME Resources' exciting destinations.

  • Shadow Health

    25 • https://shadowhealth.com

    Shadow Health® is an educational software developer of web-based Digital Clinical Experiences™ designed to augment courses for allied health education programs. Students engage with digital standardized patients (using a state-of-the-art conversation engine and interactive 3-D imagery) to perform assessments, practice documentation, and demonstrate critical thinking.

  • DxR Development Group, Inc.

    26 • http://www.dxrgroup.com

    DxR Development demonstrates virtual patient software (DxR Clinician), featuring 121 pre-authored, editable cases, plus case authoring and evaluation tools. Other demonstrations include content-rich tutorials and courseware (Virtual Organ Systems and Integrated Medical Curriculum), performance-based testing software (Clinical Competency Exam), and test administration and course delivery software (DxExam).

  • Lecat's Ventriloscope, LLC

    27 • http://www.ventriloscope.com

    The world may have become more high-tech, but the anatomy and physiology of human beings hasn’t changed. Our Ventriloscope helps learners identify abnormalities on patients, in association with human interactions. The device is intentionally designed to be simple to use and provide the greatest technological reliability at an affordable cost.


    28 • http://www.nccpa.net

    The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) is the only certifying organization for PAs in the United States. The NCCPA is dedicated to ensuring that certified PAs meet established standards of clinical knowledge and cognitive skills upon entry into practice and throughout their careers.

  • nccPA Health Foundation

    29 • http://www.nccpahealthfoundation.net

    The nccPA Health Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization that designs solutions for improving the capacity of certified PAs to impact quality and accessibility of health care delivery. Find out more about us and apply online for one of our health equity grants.

  • Physician Assistant History Society

    30 • http://www.pahx.org

    The Physician Assistant History Society, Inc. is dedicated to the history and legacy of the PA profession. The History Society's mission is to share the history of the development of the PA profession and illustrate how PAs continue to make a difference in our society.

  • Rosh Review

    31 • Plus Exhibitor • http://www.roshreview.com

    Rosh Review is the go-to resource for students and providers preparing for the PANCE and PANRE. Rosh Review combines expert question-writers, high-yield content, and comprehensive explanations — all in a user-friendly interface. We make program directors' lives easier with our Program Director's Dashboard, which tracks, oversees, and analyzes students' performance.

  • myCME and The Rutgers University PA Program

    32 • http://myCME.com/rutgers

    Special bulk pricing is available for the Rutgers’ PANCE/PANRE Review available on myCME. Stop by our booth for details. Improved and aligned with the 2019 NCCPA blueprint, the Rutgers Review provides a comprehensive overview of clinical topics across all specialty areas, 15 hyper-targeted modules, 500 practice questions, unlimited access, and more.


    33 • http://www.iamse.org

    The mission of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) is to advance health profession education through teacher development and to ensure that the teaching and learning of medical science continues to be firmly grounded in foundational sciences and the best practices of teaching.

  • Kaplan, Inc., DBA i-Human Patients

    34 • http://www.i-human.com

    i-Human Patients by Kaplan is a health care education technology company. We bring together top software engineers and clinical educators to produce active e-learning solutions in clinical reasoning and continuing health care professional education. Working closely with leading clinical educators and providers, we deliver cloud-based virtual patient encounters that drive clinical excellence.

  • OtoSim, Inc.

    35 • http://www.otosim.com

    OtoSim, Inc. is a leader in otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy simulation systems. This year, we will be showcasing our new simulation products: OtoSim Educators Portal™ and OtoSim Mobile™. OtoSim Educators Portal allows clinical educators to customize lectures, quizzes, and exams. OtoSim Mobile transforms any smartphone into a hand-held otoscopy simulator.

  • 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes

    36 • http://www.littmann.com

    3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes are trusted worldwide for precision, acoustic excellence, reliable design, and exceptional performance, helping clinicians detect difficult-to-hear body sounds and improve patient outcomes. Learn more at www.littmann.com.

  • Simulab Corporation

    37 • http://www.simulab.com

    Simulab is dedicated to replicating human anatomy and building easy-to-use simulation training tools for medical professionals. Since 1994, Simulab has been collaborating closely with leading educators world-wide and is constantly pushing the boundaries of tissue discovery, becoming the market leader for realistic and affordable medical simulation solutions.

  • Interact Solution

    38 • http://interactsolution.com

    Interact Solution is software for simulation and evidence-based learning. The solution provides interactive video streams while recording and allowing users to embed notes directly into the video during or after recording. Interact incorporates video recordings, annotates, collaborations, debriefs, and live communications between multiple locations and in-lab activities.

  • Aquifer, Inc.

    39 • http://www.aquifer.org

    Aquifer is known and respected for developing trusted, award-winning, virtual case-based courses. Created by educators, for educators — in close collaboration with their national organizations — Aquifer’s courses build essential knowledge and clinical reasoning skills for health professions students, and are grounded in Aquifer’s trusted pedagogy.

  • Exxat, LLC

    40 • http://www.exxat.com

    Exxat makes solutions for PA programs. Our cloud-based products save time, increase efficiency, and improve educational outcomes. Schools access student, site, and curriculum data, communicate with stakeholders, and generate accreditation reports. Students access compliance documents, evaluations, patient logs, placement data, and more. Clinical sites access relevant student data, logs, and evaluations without a login.

  • CSD Labs

    41 • https://emurmur.com/csdlabs/

    eMurmur University is an interactive, mobile-based training platform for cardiac auscultation containing 700+ high-fidelity sounds from real patients, confirmed by both cardiologist and echocardiogram. Students can practice and self-test on their personal devices, and faculty can stream sounds to students during teaching to gain immediate feedback and measure learning.

  • Elsevier, Inc.

    42 • inger

    Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions and deliver better care.

  • Exam Master Corporation

    43 • http://www.exammaster.org

    For over 12 years, many programs have relied on Exam Master® to help them meet their educational and training goals. Our experience and resources support assessments, remediation, program evaluation, and, most recently, incoming student readiness. Many PA students and practitioners also rely on Exam Master® for PANCE/PANRE preparation.

  • Typhon Group

    44 • http://www.typhongroup.com

    Typhon Group's PAST Student Tracking System, used by 100+ PA programs, includes automated preference-based student rotation scheduling, comprehensive patient encounter logs/reports with ICD/CPT coding, a fully-featured evaluation component for assessments, curriculum mapping, student electronic portfolios, student/preceptor biographic databases, clinical site databases, and much more.

  • Touch of Life Technologies

    45 • https://www.toltech.net

    Touch of Life Technologies provides solutions for interactive virtual anatomy and case-based clinical imaging. The Sectra Table and VH Dissector allow for group exploration of anatomy, pathology, CT, and MRI datasets. Come see how these tools can help integrate clinical applications into your anatomy curriculum.

  • A.T. Still University

    46 • http://www.atsu.edu

    A.T. Still University — offering masters and doctorate degrees online.

  • Challenger Corporation

    47 • https://www.challengercme.com/

    Med-Challenger’s online clinical education and quality management systems address and improve the performance outcomes of PA schools, medical schools, and residencies, and provide the largest array of personalized CME products for PAs seeking to quickly address a full spectrum of specialized career requirements year after year.

  • Altus Assessments, Inc.

    48 • https://altusassessments.com

    Altus Assessments provides admissions screening for people skills with our online CASPer test. We unburden admissions committees with our reliable indicator of future performance, shown to have good predictive validity. Over 50% of USA PA, 80% of USA MD, and 50% of USA DO applicants took CASPer in 2018.

  • SonoSim, Inc.

    49 • https://sonosim.com/

    SonoSim, Inc. is dedicated to improving and transforming medical care by serving as a global leader in ultrasound education and training. With its staff of leading ultrasound educators, instructional designers, content editors, scientists, and software developers, SonoSim has created the easiest way to learn ultrasonography — The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution.

  • University of Miami Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education

    50 • http://www.gcrme.miami.edu

    For nearly 50 years, the Gordon Center has pioneered simulation technology and developed proven training systems used for multiprofessional health care education worldwide. These include the Next Generation Harvey Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator and the UMedic e-learning programs.

  • EduRotations

    51 • Plus Exhibitor • http://www.edurotations.com

    EduRotations provides easy ways to manage rotations and evaluate preceptors, sites, and students effortlessly in a highly optimized, easy-to-use interface that will make scheduling a breeze.

  • AAPA

    52 • https://www.aapa.org/

    AAPA advocates and educates on behalf of the profession and the patients that PAs serve. We work to ensure the professional growth, personal excellence, and recognition of PAs. We also enhance their ability to improve the quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of patient-centered health care.

  • Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

    53 • https://rmuohp.edu/

    Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is a regionally accredited institution. Our academic models of delivery allow our limited-residency students to continue with their life roles without relocating and our residential students to begin and end their full-time studies in Provo, Utah.

  • Kaplan Medical

    54 • http://www.kaplanmedical.com

    Kaplan Medical is the world's leading test prep provider. Please stop by to learn about our comprehensive options for schools and to receive a free course to donate to a student or student organization.

  • Springer Publishing Company

    55 • http://www.springerpub.com

    A publishing pioneer since 1950, Springer Publishing Company is known as an innovative nursing, gerontology, psychology, social work, counseling, public health, rehabilitation, and health care administration publisher. We are passionate about providing the best textbooks, journals, professional books, and reference works to instructors, professionals, and students.

  • Pance Prep Pearls, LLC

    56 • http://www.pancepreppearls.com

    A medical study and review guide for the PANCE, PANRE, and general medical examinations. The second edition has been updated to include: easy to follow algorithms and charts on high-yield medical information, expanded chapters, and useful mnemonics. It covers essential information needed to ace medical examinations as well as for clinical use.

  • MDF Instruments

    57 • http://www.mdfinstruments.com

    MDF Instruments is a US-based branded manufacturer of stethoscopes, reflex hammers, and sphygmomanometers with industry-leading quality and warranties. Currently celebrating 47 years of quality medical instrumentation, MDF companies operate on six continents with wholly owned production facilities and a global network of designated MDF distributors in more than 80 countries.

  • The Safe-D-Needle, LLC

    58 • http://www.Safe-D-Needle.com

    The Safe-D-Needle provides a non-invasive dental local anesthesia (LA) training aid to dental and dental hygiene students, medical institutions, and hygiene certification courses, as well as the Med-E SDOP Kit, a complete LA self-learning kit for medical practitioners.

  • Lecturio Inc.

    59 • https://www.lecturio.com/en/organisations/online-medical-school

    Next-generation teaching support for the modern PA student and school. Drive innovation and improve student performance with Lecturio's award-winning content and analytics.

  • SurgiReal Products, Inc.

    60 • http://www.surgireal.com

    Empowering and supporting PA educators to deliver better education and better outcomes through advanced educational simulation technology. SurgiReal's products offer the most realistic and cost-effective learning platforms available for surgical and suture training, dermal pathology biopsy training, incision and drainage training, and hollow organ surgical and suture training.

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